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All books listed here are available from PAIDEIA, Inc., and may be obtained by ordering directly from the PAIDEIA office (pay by check) via the link indicated at the end of each description.

From Candy Sales to Committed DonorsFrom Candy Sales to Committed Donors: A Guide to Financing Christian Schools
D. Bruce Lockerbie
Leaders in Christian schooling have stated “...this book has changed the way we fund Christian schools.” Based on a national survey of Christian schools, the book shows how a school can be transformed by changing its financial policies from “keep the tuition as low as possible” to “fund the mission fully.” Thousands of schools have grown stronger after following the advice put forth in this book.
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A Passion for  LearningA Passion for Learning: The History of Christian Thought on Education
D. Bruce Lockerbie
This book traces the history of Christian schooling from its biblical roots through the early church, medieval times, the Renaissance and Reformation, the American experience and on to the current era. Passages from the writings of major historical figures illustrate their influence. Buy Now>>>

A Christian PaideiaA Christian Paideia: The Habitual Vision of Greatness
D. Bruce Lockerbie
A collection of keynote addresses by D. Bruce Lockerbie over the past 25 years, this book inspires readers with insights and information related to the concept of “paideia” as it relates to Christian schooling. Buy Now>>>