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Campaign Counsel


It is no coincidence that, in fundraising and marketing, the word “campaign” is borrowed from the military. Conducting a fundraising campaign requires all the detailed planning, advance preparatory work and efficient tactical execution—including the deployment of personnel at the right place and the right time with the right message—of an army in a theater of battle.



PAIDEIA, Inc., offers ongoing counsel to campaign leaders and teams—vice presidents, campaign directors, and CEO's—as best suits their individual circumstances. Such counsel can be on a retainer basis of an agreed number of days per month, or as requested.



Our counsel is geared towards equipping the team for success, not managing the campaign itself. Our goal is to institutionalize the skills and abilities required for campaign management such that future efforts at fundraising are enhanced. We ask the tough questions, monitor progress, advise on tactics, strengthen communications, assist in building a core of volunteers, and much more. We are a sounding board for creative and new ideas and future plans.

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