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PAIDEIA, Inc is an independent, family-owned "S" corporation headed by D. Bruce Lockerbie, Chairman and CEO.  His leadership over many decades is augmented by engaging affiliated consultants as independent contractors whose professional experience matches the needs of our clients.


Corporate Leadership

D. Bruce Lockerbie
Stony Brook, NY
Kevin J. Lockerbie

St. Petersburg, FL

Executive Consultant

Robert W. Welch

Savannah, GA

Executive Consultant

Deceased April 29, 2024

Other Consultants


Dan Cole.jpg
Dan Cole

Redlands, CA

Executive Consultant

Thad Gaebelein Crop.jpg
Thad A. Gaebelein
Albany, NY
Executive Consultant
Ronald M. Grosh

Raleigh, NC

Executive Consultant

Peter F. Crescenti
Huntington, NY
Senior Consultant
Mark Kennedy.jpg
Mark A. Kennedy
Ontario, Canada
Senior Consultant
Tony Wilson

Village of Golf, FL

Senior Consultant

David Hook.jpg
David Hook
Romeo, MI
Special Consultant
Chip Welch
Savannah, GA
Special Consultant
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