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Campaign Readiness (Feasibility) Studies


There is a saying in fundraising: “It is what you do beforehand that counts most.”


While some in the field still refer to a “feasibility study,” PAIDEIA, Inc., prefers the term campaign readiness study, because our work tells a client more than whether a campaign is feasible. It indicates whether a select group of donors is ready to support the board’s case, based on the strategic plan already developed—and if not, why.


Our campaign readiness studies help institutions gauge whether the ingredients for campaign success are present.


In conducting a study, we focus on five key factors in any campaign:

• The case for support.

• The nature and quality of the prospect pool.

• Leadership—both institutional and volunteer.

• The development and advancement offices.

• The climate for giving.


The PAIDEIA, Inc., team dedicated to your project prepares an external, unbiased report based on observations, interviews with key constituents and a thorough review of historical and contemporary data, with detailed findings and specific practical recommendations. Our readiness reports do not come with any strings attached or presumed ongoing counsel.

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