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Executive, Administrator and Staff Mentoring


Formal professional mentoring can help institutional executives, administrators and staff members become significantly more effective at fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. With the breadth and depth of experience among our team, PAIDEIA, Inc., is well equipped to provide valuable guidance to individuals and institutions seeking to enhance their professional performance.


In establishing a mentoring relationship, PAIDEIA, Inc., typically responds to either a directive from the board or a request from an individual executive, administrator or other staff member. We hold a preliminary meeting with the individual or group who has issued the directive or request and the person who is to be mentored; terms and conditions for conducting the mentoring process are agreed upon. A performance review—based upon areas of competency to be measured—is held after a period of six months or so, during which the mentoring has been carried out.


The performance review is a broad-based study, including multiple face-to-face interviews, during which the perceived effectiveness of the participant's leadership or promise thereof as a result of the mentoring process is tested. PAIDEIA, Inc., submits a written report to the board or executive who commissioned the mentoring.

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