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Executive and Administrative Search


Executive and administrative search PAIDEIA, Inc., services are specialized for schools, colleges, seminaries and other worthy causes. Each year, institutions across the USA and overseas retain PAIDEIA, Inc., to assist in search-and-placement for both top executive (e.g., president, head-of-school, CEO, executive director, etc.) and other key administrative positions.


PAIDEIA, Inc., is not an employment agency and does not require a fee from individual applicants, nor do we guarantee job placement. Our firm is paid by the client-institution, which retains us.We offer two types of executive search services:


Comprehensive Searches


Most of our searches are comprehensive, meaning that PAIDEIA, Inc., works on behalf of the client throughout the entire process, thus saving the client a great deal of time, lending extensive experience and judgment to the task of identifying the right individual for the job, and focusing the search committee’s efforts on only the strongest candidates. Once a search committee has engaged our firm for this purpose, and we receive or help finalize a candidate profile, PAIDEIA, Inc.,:


  • Recruits prospective candidates through our national and international network of contacts and possibly advertisements placed in strategic publications and/or Web-based vehicles.

  • Assesses the credentials of initial inquirers, inviting those who seem best suited to the position to become formal applicants.

  • Conducts initial phone interviews with applicants, and follow-up in-person interviews with the most promising candidates.

  • Culls down the group of candidates to a pool of five or six nominees, whose dossiers we then send to the search committee in advance of a selection meeting.

  • Attends the selection meeting, during which we describe the nominees in full—at which point the search committee typically selects up to three finalists.


Throughout the remainder of the search process (i.e., finalist interviews, candidate selection, negotiations, final appointment), PAIDEIA, Inc., continues to provide ongoing support and counsel to the search committee and board.

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