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Master Planning


No school, college, university, seminary or other worthy cause can succeed without careful planning and subsequent execution of that plan. PAIDEIA, Inc., helps the clients we serve define both short- and long-term plans for institutional growth and stability, and institutional master plans for facilities development. Our services in this area focus on overall planning for the institution, as well as for the physical plant.


Strategic Planning


Strategic planning takes its name from the Greek word strategos, meaning military commander. Alexander the Great was a strategos, as were Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower.


When an institutional board decides to develop a strategic plan, it does so with the realization that there are impediments and adversaries opposing growth and strength for the future. In fact, any strategic plan ought to, in effect, be a “battle plan” for victory.


In assisting an institution with this important endeavor, PAIDEIA, Inc., works with the board to establish the rationale behind developing a strategic plan, designate the leadership and members of the planning committee, and set forth a timeframe in which to complete the planning process. The end in view is not merely a plan, but a case to be made for fulfilling the plan, including the funding necessary to invest in the institution’s intended future.


Believing that “the process is the plan,” PAIDEIA, Inc., structures our counsel in this area to be as flexible and accommodating as a client may need. We urge that the task force involved not be limited to a handful of insiders, but rather be representative of the many interest groups that may have a stake in the institution’s future: board members (current and past), senior administrators and staff, parents or other clients, donors, persons in the community whose interest can be heightened, and so on.


We also contend that the drafting of a strategic plan should not be a hasty project. Its thoughtful development requires more than a Saturday morning or a weekend retreat. In fact, we often work with clients whose planning process consumes as much as three to six months of frequent meetings.


Facilities Planning and Development


Because of our close partnership with OLYMPVS International—a facilities and event planning and development firm with a worldwide record of accomplishments—PAIDEIA, Inc., gladly recommends and often participates in delivering the services of this renowned consultancy, whose scope ranges from testing the initial hopes and dreams for a new building, set of facilities or relocated campus, to the turnkey completion of the project.

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