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Pre-Campaign Envisioning Programs


Many institutions are apprehensive about embarking on a formal fundraising campaign. “We know we are not ready,” they say. Among other things, they tell us:

  • Our major and leadership prospects are not sufficiently identified and certainly not engaged—or as engaged—as they should be.

  • Our case for giving is not well known, and its communication has been spotty at best.

  • The strategic plan is underdeveloped, out-of-date, and/or not closely linked to the campaign.

  • We have so many needs that we have a shopping list of wants, rather than a priority list of opportunities.

  • We are too thin on volunteers.


Pre-campaign envisioning programs of PAIDEIA, Inc., are designed to overcome these and other barriers to effective fundraising. They are structured to assist presidents, boards and development offices with their efforts to hasten the day when the institution can, with confidence, undertake a full-fledged fundraising campaign.

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