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Program Development


Since the majority of our clients are educational institutions, it is proper for us in most cases to refer to program development as curriculum development. Thus PAIDEIA, Inc., seeks to assist the board and executive leadership of any school, college, university or seminary to decide upon the course of study that best serves the mission and vision of that institution—in particular, by setting that course of study in the framework of a biblical worldview.


For example, we work with a considerable number of elementary and secondary schools that are already committed to a curriculum that is both classical and Christian. Other schools we work with wish to introduce a college-preparatory curriculum that includes either the Advanced Placement Program or International Baccalaureate. Still others are dedicated to a specialized curriculum that serves learning differences. Overseas schools may need to combine a curriculum that meets the needs of its national students, while at the same time preparing international students for a homeland return to university.


The PAIDEIA, Inc., team has the breadth of experience to serve all of these curricular needs.


Similarly, for any non-academic client, PAIDEIA, Inc., offers counsel on how best to shape the intended services to meet the organization’s or institution's mission and vision.

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