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The PAIDEIA, Inc., Institute for Executive Leadership


There is a common denominator among all executive searches: no board or search committee that engages PAIDEIA, Inc., to conduct an executive search expresses a willingness to appoint as CEO someone who lacks any experience at asking for and receiving a major gift. Yet during the course of almost every executive search—especially for a head-of-school position—we receive applications from persons who have broad experience in their own field of expertise, but do not have sufficient experience at raising gift support. This single gap in an applicant's resume is sufficient to disqualify the prospective candidate.


To help prepare would-be executives, PAIDEIA, Inc., has initiated The PAIDEIA, Inc., Institute for Executive Leadership: a year-long opportunity for mid-level administrators to receive specific mentoring in financial development/advancement. With the cooperation and encouragement of the head-of-school, the mentoring program begins at the annual PAIDEIA Conference, continues with contact with a PAIDEIA, Inc., mentor and one onsite visit by that advisor, and concludes with the PAIDEIA Conference the following year. A single fee covers the year’s engagement; travel and related expenses are billed as incurred.

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