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PAIDEIA, Inc., is a comprehensive consulting firm dedicated to a biblical worldview that seeks excellence to the glory of God in all areas of leadership and development in education, from elementary and secondary schools to colleges, universities and seminaries, as well as other not-for-profit agencies, associations and institutions. We offer our clients practical solutions to help them fulfill their mission and make possible the excellence they aspire to achieve.



For more than 50 years, we have provided wide-ranging consulting services in five critical areas of operation that we call “the 5 M’s:” mission, management, marketing, master planning and money.

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On August 1, 2020, we expect to begin our 32nd year of publishing THE PAIDEIA LETTER, the only independent publication of its kind reaching Christian educators from

K-12 schools through college/university and seminary throughout the world.  We publish multiple issues quarterly (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring) and periodically—so far in the year 2019-2020 more than 50 issues total.  Our subscription year runs through July 31, and all subscriptions are renewed annually

You are invited to sample a recent issue of THE PAIDEIA LETTER by clicking the button below.  

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Executive & Administrative Search-and-Placement

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Board of Trustees/CEO Workshops

Advancement, Annual Giving, Endowment, Capital Campaign




Biblical Worldview



21st Century Technology


  • PAIDEIA, Inc. is pleased to announce that, as a result of our successful “ZOOMFEST” series in May and June 2020, we have entered into a partnership with PRIVATE SCHOOL COLLOQUIUM intending to offer Timely Topics Dialogues.  This new service, headed by Bobby Welch, Nikole Blanchard, and D. Bruce Lockerbie will continue our scheduled conversations among independent school educators on a fee-based membership basis. 


     For further information, link to www.pscolloquium.com or contact PRIVATE SCHOOL COLLOQUIUM             at PO Box 82218, Baton Rouge, LA 70884.

  • The 2016 revision of From Candy Sales to Committed Donors: A Guide to Financing Christian Schools is complete with new data, new illustrations and photographs, and new commentary by more than a dozen Christian school leaders.  Originally published in 1996, the new version of From Candy Sales to Committed Donors is available in either of two formats: pdf version (to be copied once by purchaser) or binder-bound version.  The pdf version costs $45.00 and the binder-bound version costs $55.00, payable either by check or by linking to 123 Signup.

  • In 1952, Dr. Frank E. Gaebelein, founding headmaster of The Stony Brook School, delivered lectures at both Dallas Theological Seminary and Denver Seminary.  From these lectures developed his benchmark book The Pattern of God’s Truth: Problems of Integration in Christian Education, first published in 1954 by Oxford University Press.  Since then this remarkable book has never been out of print.  It continues to inform and challenge teachers in Christian schools, colleges/universities, and seminaries.


  • Dr. Lockerbie is available to address the board, administration, faculty, and staff of your school after they have read or re-read The Pattern of God's Truth.   For information, contact dbl@paideia-inc.com.

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