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PAIDEIA, Inc., is not a fundraising agency. In fact, we believe it is futile to attempt merely to increase a client's financial support without first evaluating that institution’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Our clients need to fulfill their respective missions; then, the money will follow.


As a firm dedicated to helping institutions in their pursuit of excellence, PAIDEIA, Inc., strongly advocates that our clients adopt a philosophy of cost-based services, supplemented by need-based financial aid for those incapable of meeting full costs. Such funding for financial aid is provided by voluntary gift support by persons encouraged to invest in the worthy cause by the example and urging of governing board members and the chief executive officer’s appeal for a fully-funded mission.


We offer counsel to help our clients:

• Create awareness among board members of their obligatory financial support.

• Strengthen the CEO’s ability to ask for and receive major financial gifts.

• Set cost-based fees toward a fully-funded mission.

• Establish a professional development/advancement office.

• Eliminate fundraising by means of product sales and events.

• Begin an annual giving campaign.

• Increase revenue from ancillary and mission-related services.

• Conduct a readiness/feasibility study prior to launching a capital campaign.

• Conduct a capital campaign from its “quiet phase” to its celebratory conclusion.

• Learn the best financial practices among similar institutions.


Specific services related to these goals include:

Pre-campaign envisioning programs

Campaign readiness (feasibility) studies

Campaign counsel

Major and leadership gift counsel

Annual fund counsel

Writing for development

Benchmarking studies

Development and training

Development and advancement office audits

Board education and training

Marketing communications planning

Creative development and production

Communications program execution

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